Hi everyone!
Thank you for visiting, I am so happy you are here! 
I am a portrait photographer based in Dublin, Ireland however am also an avid traveller. Combining the two makes me a very happy person – meaning, no matter where you are in the country, or the world – I will go wherever an Irish passport is accepted! 

I would love the chance to join forces to create, preserve and capture special moments in your life. Helping create memories for you, your family, your children or your business would truly be my honour. 

But before that, please know a little about me:
I am an adventure seeking, food loving, travelling, risk taking, bubbly kind of person! I strive to pour all of my creative energy into my photography. I love meeting new people, building new relationships, immersing myself in other cultures and traditions and developing long lasting friendships. 
I believe that photography should be more than just a one off experience; it should be a journey – our journey. 

I will strive to become your photographer for years to come. To be at your side for all of your special occasions, no matter how big or small. I believe really getting to know you, allows me photographically capture those hidden emotions as well as the essence of your presence and being. 

Working with me? I promise you fun, lots of laughs and to be made feel completely at ease. 

Have any questions? Ideas? Want to schedule a session? Or just say hi? I would love to chat more! Why not pop me a message here or on Facebook or give me a call? 
I would be so delighted to meet you!